Wrekin College


York House was founded in 1924 and has a splendid library-cum-house office. The library contains pictures going back several generations and gives the house, built in 1905-6, a sense of history.

Old boys enjoy visiting and reliving their triumphs of the past. Among the more famous old boys of York House is Lord Inge, Britain’s last Field Marshal, one time Chief of Defence staff and constable of the Tower of London.

In the house every boy has the freedom to develop as an individual, enjoy the benefits of an open trusting environment and be able to work, play and relax. There is equality of opportunity and respect for all pupils. 

As a predominantly day house it is important that the boys remain involved with both the life of the house and the school. The house maintains a boarding capacity and boys board in Bayley. From time to time boarding nights are arranged in York. Any boy may stay overnight or for longer periods if requested. This built-in flexibility commends the house to many parents.

The aim in York is always to encourage a family atmosphere. Towards this end the Housemaster has an open door policy and encourages house tutors to do the same. Interaction between staff and pupils is regarded as essential. Both day and boarding pupils develop skills embracing leadership, teamwork, communication, self-reliance, flexibility and initiative during their time in York. 

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Andy Brennan - Housemaster

As Housemaster of York it is my responsibility to guide pupils and tutors to ensure the success of individual members of the house and the house community overall. I am accessible at all times to parents, pupils and staff. I prepare all references for UCAS and other higher education courses and vocational careers where appropriate, as well as being the Upper Sixth tutor and English teacher. Above all I set the tone of the house.  

I began as housemaster in September 2012, having twice previously occupied similar pastoral positions. I have been at Wrekin since January 2004, teaching English, coaching games, in charge of boys' hockey and coaching the First XI. I live with my wife Janice and my three sons - all three have attended Wrekin.