The Old Hall School


The transition into Year 3 can be a little daunting for some children, which is why we aim to make it as seamless and happy as possible. The children gradually become more and more independent as they are nurtured through this first phase of the Upper School. In Year 3, the children continue to spend much of their time with their own class teacher but have specialist teaching in DT (Design Technology), IT (Information Technology), PE, Games, Swimming, French and RS (Religious Studies). Pupils are placed in sets according to ability in Mathematics throughout the Upper School.

As the children move through the Upper School (Key Stage 2 - 7 to 11 years), they experience a tutorial system where they see specialist teachers for all subjects. Individual Form Tutors are responsible for their pupils’ pastoral care and guide them through all aspects of day to day organisation.  

During Year 5, parents are encouraged to begin thinking about senior schooling for their children. The Headmaster and Senior Leadership Team work closely with parents in selecting the right senior schools for their children as there is a variety of options open to them.

By the time children enter into their final year at The Old Hall, they are well prepared for the entrance examinations which lie ahead. During this year, the curriculum changes slightly again, to include a wider variety of MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) and Philosophy for children. By the end of Year 6, the children are ready to fly and take the next step into senior school confidently and with relative ease.