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Wrekin College has extensive experience of teaching international students to A level standard and students have gone on to study at the top English and American universities. Download a copy of the Transition Year Programme brochure (PDF)

“Boarding offers me a great chance to live independently and manage my own life. I've learned a number of life skills throughout the year in the boarding house. It benefits me because I'll be used to this sort of life when I go to university." Andy (China)

Who should apply for the transition year programme?

The programme is a one-year GCSE level course, with intensive English tuition, designed specifically for international pupils aged between 15 and 17 who wish to study for A levels but who need another year to be ready for its challenges. It concentrates upon courses in which international pupils can excel in one year. At the same time, it provides comprehensive preparation for all of the school’s A level courses, both in its introduction to schooling via the English examination system and its subject grounding. Pupils are fully integrated into all aspects of school life and lessons are targeted to individual needs rather than being purely examination focussed.

“Extra English lessons helped me to gain confidence in speaking and to improve my writing.” Sasha (Ukraine)

The transition year course improves study skills and develops spoken and written English to a standard which will allow students to move on to A level courses after one year. To move on to A level courses in mathematics, physics or chemistry students would need to achieve at least a B grade in the relevant GCSE examination. The transition year will also prepare students to access the full range of A level courses offered at Wrekin College including those offered in the Business School (accountancy, business studies and economics). 

Features of the Wrekin College transition year programme:

  • superb preparation for future A level study
  • courses that lead to GCSE level qualifications at the end of one year
  • English language instruction dependent upon ability, with additional individual support if necessary
  • total integration into the school community
  • a predominantly English school
  • full participation in the extra-curricular programme of sport, music, art etc
  • personal tutoring system
  • a proven track record in excellent ‘value added’ academic education
  • excellent facilities
  • a full programme of weekend activities and opportunities
  • outstanding pastoral care for all pupils
  • additionally, individual instrumental music tuition can be arranged with our very talented team of music teachers, at an extra charge

“My teachers are very nice. They are always happy to give you extra help when you need it.” Kirill (Russia)

Extra-curricular Activities

All pupils take part in the games programme and the full range of optional activities. There is also a full programme of activities and excursions at the weekend, which can include additional English lessons. Wrekin is an active school; there is genuinely something for everyone. For international pupils this means that they are fully immersed in the life of the school, which benefits their friendship groups and enhances their English. 

Download a copy of the Transition Year Programme brochure (PDF)

For further details please contact the Admissions Department: 00 44 (0) 1952 265 603