Wrekin College


The aim of the department is to help learners learn by offering excellent provision for all pupils, regardless of underlying ability.

Our Head of Support for Learning, Julieanne Lloyd is qualified to teach and assess pupils who may have a variety of Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) and she liaises closely with teaching staff. A Teaching and Learning profile is drawn up for all pupils who have particular challenges to their learning acquisition, the TLP identifies strengths and areas for development and provides the pupil with advice about their learning strengths as well as strategies to help teachers deliver optimum opportunities for learning for our pupils. The Teaching and Learning Profiles are agreed with pupils and parents and are made available to teachers. In addition, all pupils who receive support for learning have agreed termly targets which are shared with parents. Progress is measured against these targets and re-assessed each term.

Support for Learning is also available on a temporary basis, such as a sixth former who may need a short course of lessons to gain strategies for study skills. Lessons are available on a more permanent basis for those pupils who are experiencing difficulty with a particular area of the curriculum, for example, where they need to gain strategies to support their memory. Lessons are tailored to the individual needs of pupils and are charged as an extra. Pupils of all abilities can receive support for learning, for some pupils the aim of the support is to help them achieve their predicted grades, for others the support is more targeted to help achieve the best grades possible by learning strategies to improve learning and study skills.

Support for Learning at Wrekin College covers many aspects of learning acquisition: specific and targeted support for dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia; booster sessions for pupils experiencing a temporary difficulty in a subject area; study skills (particularly for senior pupils); assistance in developing organisational skills and providing opportunity for pupils with particular talent through the Pendle Society, our Gifted and Talented programme.

EFL pupils can study towards their Cambridge First for Schools examination (formerly called First Certificate) which suits pupils who want to gain a qualification in English and either have only one term at Wrekin, or, pupils who have a longer time at Wrekin but their English is at a lower intermediate level when they arrive. The Support for Learning Department is centrally located within the school.

Head of Department

Julieanne Lloyd

BSc (Hons) MEd, DipELS, AMBDA, Advanced TEFL, SpLD APC (Patoss) Specialist Teacher, SpLD TPC (Patoss) Specialist Teacher


Amy Livingstone

MA University of Edinburgh, RSA CELTA, PGCert (DLD)


Heather Berry 

Cert. Ed.


Helen Ingoldby 

BA, University of Nottingham, TEFL


Morag Beattie



Mrs J A Roberts

BA, University of Nottingham; BSc, The Open University, TEFL