The Old Hall School



Upon leaving The Old Hall, many of our Year 6 leavers secure 11+ Scholarships at a variety of independent senior schools. Scholarships regularly awarded include academic, sport, music, art and all-rounder awards.  

We do not offer scholarships at The Old Hall, preferring instead to assist children in attending whose parents may otherwise be unable to provide an independent school education. This is done by way of offering bursaries.


In an effort to be as inclusive as we can be, bursaries are available to help families who are unable to pay full fees. These are means-tested, with each application being given careful consideration. For further information and application forms, please contact the Headmaster's Office; telephone 01952 223117 or



Where three or more children are educated at the school, a generous concession of 20% is made for each child. This arrangement is reciprocated by Wrekin College, so that families with children at both schools benefit from the sibling remission as they progress through the schools.

HM Forces

A concession of 10% is made for each child.