Wrekin College


Religious studies at Wrekin College is taught to all pupils in the First to Third Forms. Religious Studies is not at present a subject which is offered to public examination level; however, a coherent syllabus which seeks to cover the main points of at least five of the six major world religious traditions (the Abrahamic traditions from the Middle East: Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and the Dharmic traditions from the Indian sub-continent: Hinduism and Buddhism, with a brief overview of Sikhism) is delivered.

In all three years teaching is presented through a variety of media, in particular through the study of scriptural texts and introductory text books to each of the different faith traditions, the use of video/DVD, and audio materials, through drama, and through the use and discussion of art, both ancient and modern.

The Revd. Michael Horton, the Chaplain, is responsible for all Religious Studies teaching at Wrekin. He holds a degree and two Postgraduate Diplomas in Theology from Oxford University. Mr Horton is an enthusiastic Christian with a particular interest in Christian Art. He seeks to present all the faith traditions sympathetically.