The Old Hall School


Choosing the right school for your family is a very important investment decision because it dictates so much about family life in general. If, after visiting your shortlist of schools, you decide that we are able to provide the kind of education which your family requires, we will make the entrance procedure as smooth and seamless as possible.

Admission into Reception Class is a very straightforward and easy process for you and your child. Ours is a genuinely non-selective school, which is good news for families because we all know that our children are all very different and exhibit a variety of skills and attitudes. Whilst one of your children may be progressing at a supersonic rate, another may be slower ‘out of the blocks’ and require a different kind of approach. Very occasionally, after meeting a child, we may feel that ours is not the appropriate environment and will recommend that you look at an alternative school. This is rare, however, and always done with the best interests of the child at heart.

The normal process is that once you have visited our website or received a recommendation from other parents, the School should be contacted to arrange a visit to meet the Headmaster. This initial meeting will include a tour of the School to see it in action. It may be the case that you are able to visit on one of our Open Days, too.

If you are offered a place, you may then register your child and the process has begun! In the Summer Term before children enter Reception Class, they are invited for two familiarisation visits, which enable the staff to assess them, and of course, enables them to assess us! Places will then be confirmed, subject to satisfactory visits having occurred. Pupils are designated to the two Reception classes based on a variety of criteria which include gender, age, skills, established relationships, information from previous settings and the instinct of the Reception staff following the familiarisation visits. Parents of twins need to decide at this stage whether they wish their children to take the first steps at ‘Big School’ together or apart. Prior to joining the School, your family will receive a great deal of information and guidance and will have an opportunity to talk to staff about any concerns you may have.

Our Admissions Department will guide you through the process in order to make entrance as easy as possible. Admissions may be contacted by telephone or email