Wrekin College


Psychology is an exciting, dynamic, and constantly evolving science, which investigates mental processes, brain functioning and human behaviour. A Level Psychology ranges from the study of social interactions to the treatment of severe psychotic disorders, illustrating its enormous theoretical and practical scope.

Psychology at Wrekin College is currently taught only at A Level and has proved to be one of the most popular subjects studied by our Sixth Form pupils to date. There is a commitment to creative and interesting lessons which both inspire and develop the mental skills of our pupils. The aim of the department is to help pupils become pragmatic, effective and proactive learners. Many breakthroughs in learning are a break with current practice, so pupils need to be willing and confident enough to risk the possibility of change.

Psychology also gives pupils a variety of transferable skills relevant to any further study. These include: literacy, numeracy, ICT, interpersonal awareness, environmental awareness, problem-solving skills, research skills, perspectives, critical evaluation, pragmatism and higher-order analysis. If you are interested in studying Psychology then a keen interest in human behaviour, a willingness to work hard and an ability to contribute to class discussions is key! These qualities will enable you to gain maximum reward from and ultimately lead you to success in this course.

Head of Department and Head of Sixth Form Tom Southall BSc, University of Exeter

Full details of the curriculum are availablein the Sixth Form Curriculum Guide