Prefect Thought for the Day

Many of us here today dream about being famous or extremely successful in several different industries. Yet only a few of us are likely to accomplish this in our careers after school.  However, if fame or success is to be achieved you must want it enough.  People’s dream jobs or careers range from working in a restaurant, or a shop to being a record-breaking music artist or actor or even the owner of a successful worldwide franchise.

Richard Branson, owner of world famous company Virgin, had many different obstacles to overcome as a child and during his time growing up before reaching where he is today. Branson has dyslexia.  He had to adapt his management style in order to produce what is now the extremely successful Virgin empire. According to Forbes magazine, he is now worth $5.1billion.

A second example of a world famous celebrity is Jim Carrey, who had an extremely different childhood to what we all have in here today, even ending up homeless for a period of time.  However, this huge obstacle did not affect him from becoming what he had always dreamt of doing, being a TV and film actor.  Many of you will know him from Bruce Almighty or Dumb and Dumber as well as many other films, and for winning two Golden Globe Awards.

My point here today is that no matter what you want to achieve in your life, don’t let anything get in your way;  find a strategy or a solution to combat any obstacles you may encounter on your journey through life.  Never think that anything is impossible to achieve, because more often than not, the most determined and driven people end up being the most successful and happy in their own personal careers whatever that may entail.   Whatever problems you may encounter, they can usually be solved and it is the most successful and driven people who find a solution that will be most beneficial to both themselves and those who are closest to them.