Eric the Bookworm

Dear Readers,

On Tuesday of this week, it was Internet Safety Day and so the children at school have been learning about how to be safe online and about some of the pitfalls that can occur by ‘posting’ things online and the dangers of talking in a ‘group chat’ situation rather than face-to-face.  There have been some very valuable lessons and some sound advice given.

Of course, being a very ancient Bookworm, the dangers and delights of the Information Superhighway do not often appear on my radar, as it were, but even I cannot deny that we live in a high-speed, technological world, where tweets and texts, Instagram photos, Facebook posts, and selfies are the order of the day.  The Internet is where most of us now turn for help, information, entertainment, and – sadly – for social interaction.

Therefore, I am going to recommend some books this week that deal with helping children and young people stay safe in their dealings with the Internet.  Of course, I realise that by the time I write this, any information given will probably be out of date because of the speed of changing technology, but I will still offer you the following books as a source of advice.  Do, please, let me know if you find any additional books that may be of interest.

‘Internet Safety for Kids and Young Adults’ by Jeff Sechler

‘Cyber-Safe Kids and Cyber-Savvy’ Teens’ by Nancy E. Willard

And one for younger children: ‘Chicken Clickin’ by Jeanne Willis illustrated by Tony Ross.

Finally, I would, of course, encourage all children to spend more time reading than sitting in front of a screen...

Happy reading and safe browsing!