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Thought into choosing gifts is well worth the time and effort

Welcome to the festive season.  Welcome to Christmas.  Once the decorations are in the shops and Black Friday has thinned out our, or should I say our parents’ wallets, we know that it is not long until the season of good will is well upon us and it is secret Santa time.

A year ago, almost to the day, in this very Chapel, the existence of Father Christmas was brought into question.  This morning, I am here to dispel those thoughts and reaffirm to everyone that Father Christmas is in fact, very real.

Whether you believe in the commercialised red-suited Coca-Cola guy, or a derivative of Saint Nicholas, the selfless gift giving that he represents remains the same. His high profile arrival into our homes after several weeks of crescendo is the stuff of tradition, a modern-day mythology, which helps us to reconnect with something other than the everyday.

Putting the loud persona of Father Christmas to one side for a moment, underneath I think it is the act of giving that he represents that we should be really capitalising on.  Whether you are an organised early shopper or a last minute person like me, we could all do with giving the matter more thought. We live in a world saturated with stuff, and the bombardment of gifts to choose from can be nauseating, so much so that it becomes too easy to just pick up the closest Dairy Milk selection box or pack of socks.  Or if it is a case of relying on mum and dad to organise your presents on your behalf, where is the gratification of giving?  Shortcutting the process, and not giving proper thought is detrimental to both the giver and the receiver.

I may have to be satisfied that there are people here who do not believe in Father Christmas, but let me reassure you, that even in this day of Amazon one day delivery, giving some thought to a present that would cause your parents to smile is well worth the effort.  Your investment in time, thought and ingenuity to get the right gift is priceless.

Don’t just reach for the default gift: the socks or the chocolate box, show that you know someone through the gift you give them.

Henry Phillips
4th December 2017

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