Wrekin College


The Physics Department offers pupils the opportunity to study the physical processes within the universe and how they relate to everyday life.

Physics is taught by a team of dedicated and experienced teachers and supported by a fulltime technician.

A wide range of up-to-date resources support teaching and learning in this challenging and diverse subject. Classes are driven by practical tasks allowing pupils to discover how science relates to the world around them. Teaching is dynamic and interactive, and pupils are encouraged to become independent learners.

Curriculum structure allows the flexibility to respond to enquiring minds by giving time to discuss areas of the subject outside of the curriculum. Staff are always approachable and supportive, providing an environment in which to enthuse, stretch and challenge pupils.

Head of Department Tony Ware BSc St Andrew's University
  Anthony Francis -Jones BSc UMIST
  Kirsty Davies BSc University of Keele
  Anne Wedge BSc University of Liverpool
Technician Nigel Bayliss

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