Wrekin College


At Wrekin, we live by our belief that pupils should be at the centre of our school. The happiness and fulfilment of every child at Wrekin is the first concern of the staff, and we pride ourselves on offering individual care and attention, both to boarders and to day pupils. We are justifiably proud of our pastoral care, which sets us apart from our competitors and is highly valued by our pupils and parents. 

We know that good mental health is the key to young people doing better in every way, enjoying their teenage years and being able to deal with stress and difficult times when needed - resilient young people are able to learn better, do better at school, navigate the online world they grow up in so they benefit from it and enjoy friendships and new experiences. We offer the services of Wendy Brook, a highly qualified and experienced School Counsellor. 

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Our three-tier structure enables us to offer a distinctive experience for the First and Second Form (Years 7-8) in Lancaster; the Third, Fourth and Fifth Form (Years 9-11) in the main school, and Years 12-13 in the Sixth Form. We are, effectively, several different schools in one, a united but diverse community in which everyone has a place and a sense of belonging. Pupils of all ages have a voice in the running of the school through the active and energetic School Council, for which elections are held every year.

Pastoral care at Wrekin is organised around a traditional House structure. The Houses group pupils together for pastoral purposes, but academic tutoring is also based in Houses. Most importantly, perhaps, for the pupils, Houses compete with each other for sporting, dramatic, musical and many other prizes. Wrekinians are fiercely loyal to their Houses, and take great pride in the House’s history and its achievements.

Housemasters and Housemistresses get to know the pupils in their care extremely well during their time at the school, and have wide-ranging responsibility for them. Parents can contact them at any time to share information, ask advice or voice concerns.

Our Child Protection, Pupil Mental Health, Care and Discipline Policies are available in our School Policy Documents