The Old Hall School


Pastoral care is an holistic approach by which the School attempts to meet the personal, social, emotional and intellectual needs of every pupil, in order that each might participate fully and gain maximum benefit from everything the school has to offer.

The Old Hall provides a very happy and purposeful environment in which to grow and learn. A tiered pastoral system enables children from four to eleven years to benefit from a wide variety of relationships with both adults and children throughout the age range. This is achieved through the children’s involvement in both House and tutorial systems, which provide a real sense of belonging to a family within a family. Opportunities for competition in many aspects of school life exist and most of the children relish each opportunity with which they are presented.

Whilst competition is an unavoidable aspect of adult life, at The Old Hall we believe that it should not become our very reason for being. Learning to accept a defeat or disappointment with grace and dignity is every bit as important as celebrating a victory with modesty and consideration for others. Yes, we do have traditional sports fixtures with other schools and, yes, we do have a traditional sports day complete with running races, where some children win and others lose; we use these occasions, however, not only to promote excellence in sport and athletics but as a learning opportunity, where good sportsmanship, participation and a love of physical activity is seen to be as important as the final result.