The Old Hall School


Outdoor-pursuits courses form an important part of our pupils’ education and bring them face-to-face with completely new activities and team building experiences. Children from Years 3 to 6 are offered the chance to attend residential centres, where they participate in all manner of activities designed to challenge them and equip them with a variety of leadership opportunities and important life skills, in addition to confidence and team building.

By being taken out of their ‘comfort zone’ and trying new activities and tasks, children quickly learn to respect their instructors and peers. These experiences provide many benefits and magic moments which the children always remember fondly. When we ask the children, these experiences are always in the running for the most memorable things about any given year at school.

We do expect that parents will support us, by being as enthusiastic about these residential visits as we are. It’s an absolute pleasure to hear all about the children’s adventures upon their return.