Wrekin College


'Students benefit from a week's residence in the school's 'Our House' project, cooking and cleaning for themselves in preparation for life after school'

ISI Educational Quality Inspection 2017

‘Our House’ is situated within the Wrekin campus, but is detached from other residences, to give students a feeling of independence. The experience of staying in ‘Our House’ is designed to resemble the practicalities of university residential living, and to give students an insight into the realities of a student house-share. Residential groups comprise a maximum of six same-sex students, who live, cook, clean, study and relax together for a week.

Students will have spent a term during their Lower Sixth year preparing for the experience. They will have been supported with one hour weekly sessions to hone their practical life skills of cookery, cleaning, laundry and household repairs in a taught environment.

While in ‘Our House’ students are expected to attend all usual school lessons and activities, and to maintain levels of academic study throughout the period of their stay, In addition, they plan and prepare their evening meals within a budget, share facilities and co-exist, practising skills of negotiation and tolerance. The students will showcase their skills during the weekend of their stay by entertaining a member or members of staff, in the style of Come Dine with Me.

The transition from Sixth Form to university can be daunting, and we want to do everything possible to ensure that our students are educated beyond the classroom. Wrekin College is quite unique within the region in offering all students the opportunity to be well prepared on a practical level, for life beyond school.

For further information on 'Our House' rules and policies please click here