The Old Hall School



Music is a prominent and vibrant feature in the life of the school. It is timetabled for all age groups and is taught by the Director of Music from Years 2 to 6. Lessons encompass vocal and instrumental work as a class, in groups and as individuals. There are concerts in every term. These provide for the large number of pupils receiving individual tuition as well as whole year group items. Informal lunchtime concerts also take place – usually organised in turn by the team of 10 visiting instrument teachers. We offer tuition on virtually all orchestral instruments in addition to piano, recorder, voice and drum kit. We have a variety of instrumental groups and three choirs. Each term pupils to take Associated Board exams where levels of success are consistently high.


This subject is timetabled alongside Music for Years 3 to 6. Far from being a curricular luxury, Educational Drama has an important role to play in the development of every child. Through appropriately structured activities it meets a wide range of short, medium and long-term goals that benefit both personal and educational development. Its core aims are to develop self confidence, teamwork, empathy and organisational skills through practical experience. Drama allows all children to explore and develop ideas without being restricted by or to the written word. Drama is another strength of the School.

Public Speaking

Many opportunities exist for pupils to perform to an audience. Reading in school assemblies, participating in the annual Reading and Poetry Competitions, preparing spoken material for English Speaking Board exams, joining the lunchtime LAMDA sessions and being a member of the cast in the various School plays are all ways in which we help our pupils to develop confidence in this area.


There are various options at The Old Hall for pupils from all age groups to participate in dance activities. Many of our pupils also enjoy a wide variety of dance styles outside of school and have the chance to demonstrate their talents in school concerts. Musical productions, in both the Lower and Upper School, provide the opportunity to participate in choreographed dance routines. There are also opportunities to dance as an extra-curricular activity.