Wrekin College


The Modern Languages Department aims to teach pupils to communicate effectively in the foreign language studied, using the four major skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. At present the languages on offer at Wrekin are French, German and Spanish, all available for study up to A Level.

The Department is aware of the need to provide a grammatical foundation for the pupils’ language learning and build on this so that they can feel confident to make use of their language both in their public exams and also beyond. We are keen to take pupils abroad on study trips, which provide a live context for them to extend their language skills and experience the culture and way of life.


Head of Dept    

Robin Nayman

Université de Lyon BA, PGCE
Phil Berry  BA (Hons), University of Hull
Michael Horton MA (Cantab) MA (Oxon)
Janine Kotas BA BA (Hons), University College, London
Fleur Kennedy
Bea Carmargo Castillo
Rocio Marin
Heather Berry

Full details of the curriculum are available in the GCSE and Sixth Form Curriculum guides.