Wrekin College


The Life skills programme at Wrekin College helps to equip our students with skills to support them during their Sixth Form education and beyond. It is about preparing young people for the next stage of their lives, and making the transition to university and ultimately the workplace, a smooth and happy one. 

The extensive programme covers a wide variety of practical sessions such as self-defence, housekeeping, cookery and basic car maintenance and also provides guidance about study skills and emotional wellbeing. 


Students in the Sixth Form take part in a series of bespoke lessons, led by the Psychology Department, in which they explore strategies to cope with the complexities of day to day living. They are shown ways to cope with stress, to manage their studies, increase resilience, negotiate and become more assertive. 

Wrekin encourages good citizenship by challenging and supporting intelligent debate. Sixth Form students attend sessions to explore topical issues to equip them with knowledge of the wider community. 


University may well be the first time that a young person has to become self-sufficient and we want to do everything possible to ensure our students are educated beyond the classroom. Many parents have heightened anxiety around practical issues that their offspring will face. The programme incorporates specific lessons to teach students domestic skills: how to prepare nutritious meals on a budget, how to manage their money effectively, basic sewing and repairs, how to launder and iron and so forth.


Many Sixth Formers need to learn to drive, and students will almost certainly increase their use and variety of transport during this time. Wrekin supports road safety by facilitating instruction on safe travel, both as a driver or passenger. Students will have an opportunity to practice driving skills early on in the Lower Sixth Form, in a formal lesson provided by an approved driving school on private land. We will also provide instruction on basic car maintenance ensuring students can confidently change a tyre, check the oil and so forth.

"A survey of 100 head teachers, reveals that 79 are worried about how their students will settle in when they arrive at university and 75 said that they felt schools were doing too little to prepare children for living away from home."

The Sunday Times, March 3 2013