Wrekin College


History and Politics are subjects which are central to any balanced curriculum. The Department aim is to foster an interest in the study of these two disciplines for their own sake. The subject matter is both interesting and fun and yet the subjects themselves are serious academic disciplines. The past is treated with respect and not seen as some quaint timepiece. Through study the pupils will begin to appreciate the complexities of historical and political issues without being daunted. 

History is also very much a skills-based subject. The ability to handle source material and communicate an effective and coherent argument is a key life skill. To this end, pupils at Wrekin are encouraged to develop their skills of enquiry and interpretation and take pleasure and enjoyment from the process. The ability to question interpretations of the past and to understand the world around us is a key feature of the work of the Department. Discussion and debate are central to the subject. Ultimately the aim of the Department is to encourage pupils to read and enjoy both History and Politics beyond the classroom and well into their adult lives. 

Head of Department



David McLagan

BA, University of East Anglia

Amy Gardener

BA, University of Lancaster

Ian Williamson

BA, University of Hull

Emily O'Malley

BA, Nottingham University

Full details of the curriculum are available in the GCSE and Sixth Form Curriculum guides.