Wrekin College


The majority of pupils from Wrekin College continue onto higher education, either immediately after the Upper Sixth, or following a gap year.

The university application process is carefully managed by the Head of Sixth Form. Advice is provided in stages to ensure that students are not overwhelmed, but are fully aware of all the information they need to know. The university application process is introduced in the Lower Sixth through specific events for students and parents. Thereafter, the Head of Sixth Form meets with all students to discuss the process and their aims in a more informal and personalised manner. The period after the completion of AS examinations is used to start compiling the UCAS application itself. In the Upper Sixth, staff advise and support students as they complete their UCAS forms and their personal statements, references are written, and departments prepare students for admissions tests and interviews (as required). For more information about the UCAS process please click here.

In recent years, the majority of students have received offers from one or more of their chosen universities, with many receiving offers from all five of their chosen universities. At that point, the focus turns to supporting students as they prepare for their final A Level examinations, and the fulfilment of the conditions of their university offers.

A specific preparation process is provided for those students applying to Oxford and Cambridge universities, which ensures that all students are aware of the very specific way in which these universities assess applications.

Also in the Sixth Form, students are provided with information on options for Gap Years and careers evenings are a regular feature. It is vital that young people receive careers advice and guidance directly from professionals with the best experience of their particular sector. With this in mind, the Wrekin Careers network now consists of past and present parents, alumni, their colleagues and other local business people who have volunteered to give time to inform students about their experience of the working world, in which ever field that may be.

Lower Sixth Form pupils are offered psychometric profiling to pinpoint their individual strengths and attributes, which help to steer them towards suggested areas of study and professions, which suit their personality type. This profiling has been followed by one-to-one interviews with careers guidance professional to create an action plan focused on routes into higher education and beyond.

Wrekin’s new and diverse careers programme is not only aimed at bringing awareness to young people of the breadth of opportunities there are, but also to understand just how competitive the jobs market is both within the UK and globally. Students are encouraged to see that they need to equip themselves with a variety of adaptable and transferable skills appropriate for the twenty first century and that they are aware that they will need to continue to train and learn throughout their careers.