We welcomed over 70 Old Windsorians and guests back to Wrekin College on the 16th September 2017 for the 'Final Old Windsorian Dinner'.

The attendees first visited Roslyn House, which in a former life was Windsor, for welcome drinks before heading to The Memorial Hall for a three course dinner.

Speeches followed, and David Franklin presented Peter Jackson with a painting of New School by fellow Old Wrekinian Ben Harley (B. 11-16), as a gift for his efforts organising the Old Windsorian section of the OWA.

A great evening was had by all, and a further write up will follow in a forthcoming OW Record.

Those who attended are listed below:
Sir John Roch (W. 46-52)
Sue Roch
Michael Dufty (W. 48-52)
John Littlebury (W. 50-54)
Elizabeth Littlebury
Martin Welch (W. 50-55)
Barrie Roberts (N. 51-55)
Jean Roberts
John Cheshire (W. 51-56)
David Baines (W. 53-58)
Charles Hartley (W. 53-58)
Paul Tisdale (W. 53-58)
Suzanne Tisdale
David Macdonald (W. 55-59)
Anthony Hopkins (W. 55-60)
Peter Jones (W. 56-59)
Anthony ML Johnson (W. 58-61)
John Beaumont (W. 58-62)
John Hopkins (W. 58-62)
Mike Plews (W. 58-62)
David Lloyd (W. 58-63)
Kenneth Peter Lee (W. 58-64)
Derek Lewis (W. 59-63)
Richard Franklin (W. 59-64)
Helen Franklin
Peter Grove (W. 59-64)
Richard Baines (W. 60-64)
Roger Brabin (W. 60-65)
Charles Law (W. 60-65)
Alec Bonson (W. 61-66)
Helen Bonson
David Kingham (W. 61-65)
Louise Jennings
David Franklin (W. 61-67)
Helen Franklin 
Andrew Blair (W. 62-66)
Heather Blair
Peter Jackson (W. 62-66)
Jane Jackson
Peter Law (W. 62-67) 
Peter Trehearn (W. 62-66)
Linda Trehearn
Peter Law (W. 62-67)
Jonathan Rushworth (W. 62-67)
Rosemary Rushworth
Charles Wilson (W. 63-67)
Jeremy Francis (W. 64-68)
Jonathan Wood (W. 64-68)
Jonathan Francis (W. 65-70)
Jeremy Elsworth (W. 70-75) 
Mark Bullock (W. 73-78)
Jonathan Elsworth (W. 74-78)
Guy Barlow (W 78-83)
Toby Graham (W. 78-83)
Simon Medland (W. 78-83)
Mark Dufty (W. 81-86)
Joe (Jeremy) Bullock (W. 83-88)
Justin Mallinson (W. 84-88)
Jax Freedman
David Hoskisson (W. 84-89)
Bernard Crone (Staff. 04-Present)
Maureen Crone (Staff. 04-Present)
Michael de Weymarn (Staff. 74-10)
Selbie de Weymarn
Tim Firth (Headmaster)
Jane Firth
Haydn Griffiths (Staff. 76-16)
Joan Griffiths
Mervyn Joyner (Staff. 62-94)
Marion Joyner
Anthony Lock (Staff. 86-94)
Andy Nicoll (Staff. 06-Present)
Roy Yates-Ward (Staff. 82-96)

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