The Old Hall School


Few, if any, things are more important than the links forged between home and school. Essentially, staff and parents both want the same things for the children: happiness and fulfilment in the years ahead. In seeking to create a solid foundation for these two things in later life, it is vital that school and home work together. If the boys and girls know that the teachers and parents share the same values, beliefs and attitudes towards work, play and social relationships, they will develop into happy, confident, caring young people capable of realising their potential.

The Old Hall is an open, family school, welcoming parental input at all times. Two-way communication is the single most effective way to ensure continuous improvement in the overall quality of education offered to our boys and girls. We believe that we are part of the extended family of each child in our care, and that our role is not limited to the classroom, or even to the school buildings. We are interested in the rounded growth of all our pupils: we do not see school as separate from the rest of their lives, but an integrated part of their whole development. There is as much pleasure taken in a morning assembly to celebrate an achievement outside school at the weekend as there is in celebrating a team victory in a school match.

Whilst we hold all the usual, formal parents meetings to ensure that time is devoted to discussing the progress of each child, much of the most valuable communication comes from daily contact between staff and parents. Whether that contact comes through our School Office, Matron or teaching staff, via letter, email or telephone, all are equally keen to ensure that your children’s interests come first.