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The English department has responsibility for what is undoubtedly one of the most important subjects in any school curriculum. We aim to develop pupils’ skills in communication: of knowledge, experience, thoughts and feelings. We also endeavour to foster enjoyment and confidence in reading a variety of texts, both literary and non-literary.

The three core skills of our subject are reading, writing and speaking and listening. Pupils will experience a wide variety of texts as part of their programme of reading, especially poetry, drama and prose, but also non-fiction and media texts. As they become more practised readers, pupils will develop skills in analysis and a sensitivity to and appreciation of the effects of language, form and structure on meaning. When it comes to writing, we aim to develop pupils’ confidence and competence in writing for a range of different purposes and audiences, including constructing an argument, writing creatively and analysing literary texts. Pupils are guided towards writing accurately and also towards using an increasingly complex range of vocabulary and sentence structures to create specific effects in their writing.

In speaking and listening, pupils develop vital skills in expressing themselves confidently and articulately in a variety of contexts. They will create and perform roles, deliver talks, speak in debates and work co-operatively with others in pairs and groups.

All pupils are entered for both GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature. The AQA courses offer plenty of variety and academic rigour, with areas of study ranging from Shakespeare to trends in spoken English. At A Level, we offer English Literature; enjoyable and hugely rewarding for those who enjoy reading, discussing and writing about a wide variety of literary texts.

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GCSE and A Level     First - Third Form

Drama is taught as part of the English curriculum but also as a discrete subject at GCSE and A Level. It allows pupils: to develop skills in exploring situations and character through imaginative experience and role play; to learn to work cooperatively with others in preparing for a performance and to build confidence in using the tools of performance skills such as voice, movement and interaction with others on stage. Pupils will also study plays from a performance perspective, which involves plenty of visits to live performances.

The English and Drama department recognises the importance of complementing classroom work with extra-curricular activity. We believe strongly that the teaching of English transcends the classroom and offer regular trips to the theatre, lecture days, writing competitions and workshops with this in mind. All members of the department are enthusiasts with a genuine love for the subject.


Head of Department    



Grainne Whitehead

BA Hons, St. Anne’s College, Oxford

Andy Brennan

BA Hons, Queen’s University, Belfast

Howard Brown

BA Hons, University of Warwick

Alex Witton

PhD, University of York

Emily O'Malley

BA, Nottingham University

Full details of the curriculum are available in the GCSE and Sixth Form Curriculum guides.