The Old Hall School


The Headmaster is very keen to ensure that your children continue their 11+ education at a school which will cater for your family’s needs. Well before the children move on at the end of Year 6, you will be invited to discuss options for your child’s senior schooling. If you intend to continue to educate your child in the independent sector, in a similar kind of school, the obvious choice is to move up to Wrekin College. 

The Old Hall School and Wrekin College trusts merged in 2007 and enjoy all the benefits of a strong and successful partnership. For many years, Wrekin College has been the preferred choice of senior education for The Old Hall parents who are looking for a natural progression for their children. Wrekin College offers a variety of options, being able to accommodate day pupils, flexi and full-time boarders. Click here to view the Wrekin College website.

Other parents look further afield for their family’s continued education. It may be that you wish to consider single-sex education in the independent sector or you may wish to transfer into the state sector for either single-sex or co-ed schooling. A variety of options exist and the Headmaster will be very happy to advise you when the time comes.