The Old Hall School


Effective communication with parents is another strength of the School and we are proud of the relationship our parents have with academic and support staff at all levels.

Parents of children in the Lower School receive comprehensive reports on all subjects at the end of the Michaelmas and Summer terms. In addition, Parents Evenings are held twice a year, when progress can be discussed with their child’s teacher.

Parents of Upper School children receive comprehensive reports at the end of the Michaelmas and Summer terms and are invited to attend parent consultation evenings.

Parents are also encouraged to use their child’s Homebook or Homework Diary as a method of written communication for short notes and reminders. Teachers are also available at the start and end of each day to talk to parents, depending on their involvement in extra-curricular activities. Phone messages are relayed to teachers by the office staff, as are e-mail communications.

The fortnightly e-newsletter, eHeadlines, keeps everybody up-to-date with news and the annual school magazine, Reflections, provides a super resume of the year. The parent noticeboards are also updated regularly and are useful for reminders and news. 

The School communicates with parents electronically so that we do not have to rely on the notoriously unreliable ‘pupil post’ system! This paperless system ensures that all messages reach home and can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Text messages are also used in special circumstances to inform parents of unforeseeable last minute changes to plans in relation to school trips, for example. Should you wish to email the school office, please do so using