Wrekin College


It is vital that young people receive careers advice and guidance directly from professionals with the best experience of their particular sector. With this in mind, the Wrekin Careers network now consists of past and present parents, alumni, their colleagues and other local business people who have volunteered to give time to inform students about their experience of the working world, in which ever field that may be. We are keen to build our network so if you are a professional able to use your knowledge to help support students, please complete the Careers Network Initial Contact form and we will be in touch.

Lower Sixth Form students are offered psychometric profiling to pinpoint their individual strengths and attributes, which help to steer them towards suggested areas of study and professions, which suit their personality type. This profiling has been followed by one-to-one interviews with careers guidance professional to create an action plan focused on routes into higher education and beyond.

Wrekin’s new and diverse careers programme is not only aimed at bringing awareness to young people of the breadth of opportunities there are, but also to understand just how competitive the jobs market is both within the UK and globally. Students are encouraged to see that they need to equip themselves with a variety of adaptable and transferable skills appropriate for the twenty first century and that they are aware that they will need to continue to train and learn throughout their careers.