Wrekin College


Business Studies and Economics are taught at GCSE and A Level. A large proportion of pupils go on to study Business or a related subject at university.

As well as using course text books and fulfilling all the written demands of the course, pupils opting for these subjects are expected to closely follow current affairs, read a daily newspaper and The Economist, watch business programmes on television and use appropriate websites. The aim is to ensure that pupils become actively involved in the subject and to encourage them to think about identifying and solving business and economic problems. These are constantly changing 'living subjects' that are both challenging and exciting.


Head of Department

Andrew Hurd

BSc Loughborough University



Donna Irving


Head of Bayley House

Ian Williamson

BA University of Hull



Kirsty Davies

BSc University of Keele

Accounting Antony Knight BSc (Hons), University of Warwick,
Dip PFS, F.I.A.

Head of Careers

Andrew Hurd

BSc Loughborough University

The teachers have a wealth and variety of experience both in education and the commercial world. This expertise enables the department to offer a holistic approach to the subjects from both from a theoretical and commercial point of view.

Full details are available in the Curriculum guide.