Wrekin College


The Biology Department at Wrekin seeks to develop in pupils an awareness of the relevance of biology in everyday life and encourages pupils to see the links that biology has with other areas of the curriculum.

Biology is a diverse and challenging subject that equips pupils to become confident citizens in a technological society with an appreciation that scientific applications can be both beneficial and harmful to the individual, society and the environment.

The Department aims to develop in pupils abilities, skills and attitudes which:

  • are useful in everyday life
  • encourage safe practice
  • improve their ability to communicate
  • build their self-confidence
  • foster good relationships
  • sponsor a care for the environment
  • enable them to succeed
  • will inform their decision making.


Head of Department Jeremy Ballard BSc University of Wales
  Harry Gray BSc University of Sheffield
  Guy Roberts PhD University of Liverpool
  Anne Wedge BSc University of Liverpool
  Adele Wright BSc University of Sheffield
Teacher Jo Shindler

BSc Hons University of Liverpool, Msc University of Glasgow, PGCE Cambridge University
Part-time technician Gemma Allen BSc UWIC

Full details of the curriculum are available in the GCSE and Sixth Form Curriculum guides.