The Old Hall School


At The Old Hall we are fortunate to have outstanding facilities, which enable an impressive array of extra-curricular activities to take place. After-school clubs on offer vary depending on the time of year. Examples include:

Football Netball Rugby Rounders
Keyboards Cricket Art Swimming
Hovercraft Draughts Chess Rockets
Nitro Cars School Play Singing Construction
Forest Club Board Games Sport Skills Jewellery Making
Play Club Cookery Dance Enrichment

The clubs are set up in such a way as to encourage as many children as possible to take part. We try to provide something for everyone and children are encouraged to complete the whole term if they choose an activity, in order to encourage ‘stickability’!

Lower School (KS1) clubs commence at 3.30pm and end, conveniently, at 4.20pm to coincide with the end of the Upper School lessons (KS2). For a small charge we can provide tea for Lower School children who need to stay until 5.40pm.

Following a half hour playtime, the Upper School activities commence at 4.50pm and end at 5.40pm.

Most after-school clubs are free, but there may be a charge for clubs such as Tennis or Jewellery Making, which are organised by an outside agency.

Further enrichment in the form of drama presentations, concerts and sports tournaments all play a further part in making our school a diverse and interesting place in which to learn and grow.