The Old Hall School


The Old Hall School embraces the National Curriculum as an excellent base-line for general educational development, but seeks to extend its benefits significantly through enrichment experiences, specialist tuition and optimum use of time. There is a very strong tradition of examination success, with 11+ scholarships being regularly awarded to Old Hall pupils for academic strength, Art, Music and Sport.

The School also provides a full time Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo), who assesses the needs of individual children and implements appropriate individual programmes of work in partnership with classroom teachers. Those aspects of learning established in the Lower School (Reception to Year 2) are consolidated during the initial years of the Upper School (Years 3 - 6), and children are encouraged to develop independent learning and study skills which will help them succeed throughout their educational lives.

As they mature, pupils are given opportunities to demonstrate these skills in numerous ways: problem-solving activities: project work research; analysing written texts; gathering and interpreting evidence and presenting opinions. In short, our curriculum is thoroughly geared towards preparing pupils for the demands of modern day living. All this is supported by a strong, forward thinking IT Department.

The School’s academic structure is consistent throughout - each year group comprises two classes of approximately twenty pupils. It should be noted, however, that within this framework, setting occurs in the Upper School years in Mathematics, in order to support and challenge pupils, according to their individual needs. In very special circumstances, numbers occasionally top at twenty-one as a temporary arrangement to accommodate family needs.

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