Wrekin College


Part of the ethos of Wrekin is to provide guidance and support to our students in their A level studies. We offer a wide range of subject options and cater for as many subject combinations as possible. Our small class sizes allow a good rapport to develop between teachers and students within and beyond the classroom, allowing individuals to flourish in their learning.

Tutors meet with students twice weekly to discuss academic progress and to monitor their work-life balance. Staff are supportive and the short lines of communication within the school are always open to encourage regular discussion about students’ academic performance. Any issues are flagged up early and dealt with in a proactive manner.

Regular reporting, both formal and informal, keeps parents informed on academic progress through written and face-to-face communication. 
We have high expectations of our students. We aim to instil an enthusiasm for independent learning, equipping students with the motivation to innovate and research for themselves, rather than simply being able to memorise and regurgitate syllabus material.

The timetable includes some supervised study sessions together with time for independent study.