The Old Hall School

200 CLUB

Many parents are baffled by this mysteriously named club! It is basically a fundraising draw which takes place six times per year, one per half term with monetary prizes.

For only £10 per year, you are assigned a numbered cork which is entered into each draw. Five of these draws guarantees a winner of £100 each time,  whilst the final draw of the school year has a minimum prize of £150. However, as we are entitled to give away 50% of the proceeds on prizes, the more members we have, the bigger the last prize will be!

The remaining 50% profit buys extra resources for your children, so it’s win/win!  You may buy as many corks as you wish, so increasing your chances of winning.

If you are interested in joining, please contact Kim Williamson via the Friends email address, or pick up a form from the School office.

Good luck and thanks for your support